This book by Dirk Gratzel will not leave you "neutral". Either you will be seized by the bubbling thoughts to neutralize your own life. Or you will think: I can never do what he has done. I thought the same thing when I first met him. But beware: his enthusiasm is contagious.

Dr. Eckart Von Hirschhausen

TV presenter

The book about the project

In this book, I have compiled my most amazing, adventurous and bizarre moments so far on my way to green zero.


…Others ask Marcel Görmer if he sometimes knows my life better than my wife. He answers, despite my hectic hand signals, several times with “yes”. My wife gives me questioning looks, but says nothing…”


“…The socks are now, it seems to me, becoming restless. I can feel their confusion growing with my own, for—their meticulous counting is at hand: The entry, with painstaking consistency, not only of all my socks and underpants in long lists, but also of all my undershirts, t-shirts and sweaters, pants, jackets, coats and vests, including my regiment of shoes and boots, and still all the scarves, caps and hats, gloves and pocket handkerchiefs, bow ties and ties, spare laces, pins and badges, wallets, briefcases and other cases, lanyards, sweatbands and umbrellas…”

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