Polsum II

These are the ventilation facilities of the former mine. The area taken over around the shaft is considerably smaller at around one hectare.

Project profile

The most important information at a glance.


Polsum near Marl


approx. 10,000 sqm


former mine

Depth of the shaft






Acquisition year


About the project

The site contained impressive superstructures—large concrete blocks and cylinders, which were also demolished by RAG. The surrounding area is wooded, partly with a beautiful, older hardwood stand (mainly beech).

Project planning

The forest located at the edge of the site will remain untouched. The formerly developed area will be a clearing in the surrounding forest and will create ecologically valuable forest edge areas.


Again, the details of the approach (choice of plantings or seeding, biotope creation) will still be decided gradually taking into account the findings during demolition.

Long-term approach

As with Polsum I, in the future we will first observe the development of the emerging biotopes and plan further measures based on these observations. A reforestation with a mixed deciduous forest is likely over the course of the next 100-150 years.

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