Let’s give the environment a new value

HeimatERBE is your partner for multidimensional, holistic compensation for all negative environmental impacts. For truly offsetting life cycle assessments and for a fundamentally new relationship between economy and ecology.

HeimatERBE at a glance

A multidimensional approach to support climate impact management, biodiversity, and human health


Assessment according to the latest methodological standards and in cooperation with renowned university partners.


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Areas that, due to industry...
...and the dramatic effects of the climate crisis, have lost their ecological balance...
...become valuable biotopes again.

Our mission

The fact is that our current lifestyle is not sustainable. This is why HeimatERBE is fundamentally changing production and consumption in order to keep planet Earth habitable for future generations.


Compensation for impacts on nature has already been established, but has so far been limited to CO2 emissions — other environmental impacts usually go unnoticed, in particular acidification, overfertilization (eutrophication), ozone pollution at ground level and the destruction of the (protective) ozone layer in the stratosphere.


Our mission is to enable holistic ecological compensation with a multidimensional approach—and thus to take a socially decisive transformative step.


To do this, we give nature an economic value—a key prerequisite for counteracting the growing global deficit in ecosystem services and making nature “competitive” to the economy.

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