HeimatERBE is the world's first environmentally neutral company

HeimatERBE GmbH has prepared its Economy for the common good report for the year 2021 and received the rating of 406 points. We thus support ethical action and present our own business behavior transparently according to the values of human dignity, solidarity/fairness, ecological sustainability and transparency/co-determination in economic activity.


Since our first year in business, we have tried to take a holistic view of our own work and activities within the company and beyond its boundaries. ECG enables us to obtain an evaluation of the social pillar in addition to the classic business and ecological evaluation (life cycle assessment via greenzero.me GmbH). ECG provides a suitable process to capture the culture of the company and our impact on the common good.


The process of the ECG assessment was enriching and instructive for our team. It sharpened our focus once again and gave us plenty of ideas for organizational development.

We are looking forward to implementing as many findings and further development opportunities as possible in the next two years until the renewal of the audit certificate.


We are always open to suggestions and feedback, either in person or via info@heimaterbe.de.

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