Environmentally neutral Ruhrort

The city, Haniel and the greenzero-Group have big plans for Ruhrort, the Duisburg home district of our partner Haniel: After weeks of very intensive discussion and preliminary work, HeimatERBE, greenzero.me, the city of Duisburg and Haniel are determined to develop Ruhrort into the world’s first environmentally neutral district in close cooperation with civil society and all stakeholders. Haniel, one of Germany’s oldest family-owned companies, has been headquartered there for more than 265 years.


Do we already know exactly how we will achieve this? No – but we are convinced that, together with everyone interested in Ruhrort, we can bring about a profound change and a new quality of life and existence.


Our joint workshop in early October – which included a rainy but enlightening tour of Ruhrort – made three things clear to us above all:


1️. This is going to be a highly complex, long-term, exhausting and sometimes nerve-wracking undertaking.

2️. It’s probably going to be even more complex, long-term, exhausting, and nerve-wracking than we think right now….

3️. We are ready for it 😉.


Feel free to follow the companies on Linkedin to stay up to date. Feel free to contribute your ideas and help us realize this ambitious goal. Ruhrort is set to become the world’s first environmentally neutral city district in 2029, as a blueprint for the sustainable transformation and fundamental change of urban existence worldwide – so plenty of opportunities for ideas, innovation, cooperation and discreet entrepreneurship!

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