Ecological compensation 2.0

With the purchase and takeover of the first parcel of land from RAG Montan Immobilien in Essen, our newly founded HeimatERBE Gesellschaft (mbH) is embarking on the production of ecological added value. On almost 100 hectares of degraded industrial and mining land in the Ruhr region, new, valuable habitats for people, animals and plants will be created in the coming years and decades. HeimatERBE sells this ecological added value—we call it environmental value—to companies and organizations that want to comprehensively and validly eco-balance themselves or their products and services.


HeimatERBE originates from the intention of its founder, Dirk Gratzel, to comprehensively offset his own lifetime ecological balance. In order to compensate for unavoidable or already existing environmental impacts, HeimatERBE buys degraded areas to enhance them ecologically in the best possible way, as determined in close cooperation with local and regional stakeholders. The nature conservation and landscape planning concepts for this are provided to the company by its own team of geologists, hydrologists, ecologists, landscape planners and forestry engineers, closely accompanied by leading universities in the fields of sustainable engineering and corporate accounting.


HeimatERBE sees itself as a completely new kind of company that pursues economic, ecological and social objectives equally. Its economic and ecological results are made available to society without restriction.

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