Die Maus as a guest on Ewald 5

“Hello Future! Doors open with the Maus” was the motto for curious Maus fans on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at Ewald 5. Under the title “Renaturation of industrial sites”, we explained to children and their parents in wet and cool October weather what lies behind the idea of HeimatERBE, what environmentally neutral action means and how the Maus can also benefit from all this.


About 100 participants divided into two groups were announced for the guided tour of the site. Thanks to rubber boots and muddy pants, the persistent rain did not dampen the good mood. Why is it important for a functioning ecosystem not only to plant trees, but also to create and maintain habitats other than the forest? Why can an old building like a blacksmith shop be or become important for species conservation? What function do old, thick trees have in the forest and why is it good if they remain there as deadwood? These and many other questions, also from the children and adults, were answered.


The event was a great success. The positive feedback from small and large participants motivates HeimatERBE to organize further environmental educational tours and events to explain topics such as environmental neutrality, biodiversity and sustainability despite changing environmental influences using the example of their own actions.



PS: Pictures and videos of all events can be found at maus50.de!”

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