Bochum Botanical Association as guest on Kurl 3

After last year’s request for an excursion to a HeimatERBE site, the time had finally come on Saturday, July 16, 2022: organized by Corinne Buch of the Bochum Botanical Association, we welcomed a group of nearly 20 interested botanists to Kurl 3.

Before the joint botanizing began, there was first a short introduction to the history of the area, the planned area management and already implemented measures to give all interested an overview of the area and the work of HeimatERBE.


The main focus of the excursion was on the various open land habitats, which in parts show the typical character of an industrial wasteland with great species richness and are highly exciting floristically as well as faunistically. We led the group to the various biotopes and showed botanical highlights, including numerous endangered species that have disappeared widely in the surrounding area and have been able to survive on Kurl 3 – a clear reinforcement of the valuable area protection by HeimatERBE. During the walk-through, the combined knowledge and trained eyes and ears of the participants uncovered even more plant and animal species whose occurrences at this site had not been known before or whose sightings had been made a long time ago. The finds caused great joy for us as well as for the participants.


Further possibilities and ways of the care and guidance of visitors were discussed together and the carried out measures as well as future planning of the area were supported.


After our excursion a short protocol and a photo documentation were published on the homepage of the association. This information can be found under the following link:


At the end, one participant approached us as follows: “With the great work you are doing, I am no longer afraid of the future, by all means keep it up”.


– Let’s do it!

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